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Hydrostatic Testing & Recertification in Orange County for Beverage and Industrial Tanks

Available for DOT Compressed Gas Cylinders

Ideal for Residential, Commercial & Industrial Cylinders

Hydrostatic Requalification Lasts for 5 Years

Convenient & Affordable

Drop off & Pickup

A hydrostatic test, or "hydro-test," verifies that a tank is in good condition and able to withstand the pressure of holding compressed gas. Whether for personal, commercial, or industrial use, the California DOT (Department of Transportation) requires that all aluminum and steel cylinders used for compressed gas pass a hydrostatic test every five years. If a tank's hydrotest date is past the five years, it is illegal to refill the bottle until it has been tested. To check if your tank is due for recertification, check the date stamped near its neck. Requalification is also recommended anytime that the cylinder's integrity is suspect (such as after it has been dropped, exposed to excessive heat, left unused for a few years, or has excessive rust or corrosion).

Hydrostatic Testing in Orange County - 5 Year Tank Requalification

Hydrostatic testing generally takes about one-two weeks. If your tank passes the test, we'll requalify and restamp it, certifying it for another five years. Once it has been requalified, it is ready to be filled. Upon request, we can fill it with CO2, Nitrogen, or Beer Gas before returning it to you. Payment is required upfront. We accept credit & debit cards.

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